10 Crazy-Awesome Plants You Have To Grow This Year!

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Sometimes, gardening can get a bit ordinary and dare I say … predictable? For years and years, I was terrified to stray away from the familiar. You know, I stuck to growing the usual tomatoes, a few herbs, and maybe a pepper or two.

As the years went by, my gardening skills expanded and I was more comfortable growing new things. However, it wasn’t until quite recently that I discovered there was a whole world of unique and exotic heirloom plants out there I’ve never even tried! My curiosity piqued, I knew it was time to try “something different” in the garden, just for fun. Some of these “crazy-awesome” heirlooms are fresh takes on old favorites, while others are just plain funky and unique.

Here are a few of my latest favorite “fun” heirloom varieties I think every gardener should give a try:

1) Mexican Sour Gherkin – Tiny and incredibly cute, these cucumber-like fruits actually look like baby watermelons! Their taste? Best way to describe it is like a lemony cucumber! Kids love them. Excellent for pickling or to put in salads. Grow them in containers on the patio for a great conversation starter.

2) Lemon Cucumber – This cucumber looks almost like a real lemon but has a sweet and pleasant taste unlike any other. Its compact size makes them a favorite with urban gardeners and those who want to try something new but are restricted on growing space.

3) Luffa Sponge Gourd – This is one plant you’ve gotta see (or grow) to believe. It’s so cool and kids of all ages simple adore it. If you really want to live the green life, plant this heirloom and grow your own sponges! And, for serious market growers and sellers, these are hot items that customers snap up quickly.

4) Artisan Pink Tiger Tomato – With heirloom tomatoes being so popular these days, it’s getting hard to find that “something different” for tomato enthusiasts to grow. Perhaps this little tomato fits the bill. Is it red or is it pink? Gold or orange? This strikingly different colored tomato is somewhere in between a cherry and Roma size and has an amazing flavor. Give it a try if you want a new heirloom tomato favorite.

5) Red Seeded Citron Watermelon – Your barbeque or picnic guests will talk about this melon for days. White fleshed with red seeds, it makes a really delicious watermelon jam! Citron watermelons are so different from regular melons, we urge you to give them a try.

6) Queen Anne’s Pocket Melon – If you can’t get enough of heirlooms with unique stories, this is the one for you. This heirloom was almost lost but is seeing a vibrant comeback thanks to backyard enthusiasts. It was used long ago for its perfume-like fragrance; Women would carry the tiny melons around in their pockets before commercial deodorant was available! Grown primarily as a novelty and for the fragrance.

7) Strawberry Spinach – A very old-fashioned plant dating back to Europe in the 1600’s and rediscovered in a monastery garden. P+The same plant produces both greens that resemble spinach and berries that resemble strawberries. The berries are bland tasting, but make a nice addition to fruit salads and side dishes.

8) Thai Basil – Hands down, my favorite basil to grow. This basil has a hearty purple color and a more intense flavor than its Italian cousin. Wonderful in Asian dishes and in homemade curry!

9) Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry – Well … it’s technically not a cherry, but instead a tomato with a fantastic pineapple-vanilla flavor. Great for fruit salads and fresh eating! A good way to get your children to eat their veggies, too.

10) Chioggia Beet – Tender beet with red and white candy like stripes. A real feast for the eyes. Makes eating healthy a lot more tasty and fun! Get reluctant eaters to try beets with this little gem.

Because these heirlooms are so much fun to grow, we’ve put all 10 of them together in a neat gardening package. It’s a great way to expand your gardening skills and grow something that’s different and fun! For just $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling, the Crazy-Awesome Heirloom Collection can be yours. (It’s a $50 value!)

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