5 Fast-Growing Flowers For Your Cutting Garden

Purple Coneflower Seeds

Fresh cut flowers… Nothing brightens up a room or makes Mom happier on Mother’s Day like a fresh bouquet of flowers! This year, don’t waste money on expensive bouquets from the florist. Grow your own at home! Flower gardens, often called “cutting gardens” are perfect for those folks who like to bring fresh flowers indoors on a regular basis. With a cutting garden, you’ll have no shortage of beautiful creations to enjoy.

Aside from saving money, growing your own cutting garden has other benefits as well. Flowers attract pollinators like butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds, and this is good for all your plants, including your vegetable garden. Additionally, some varieties of flowers will even repel pests! And don’t forget – not all flowers are “just” flowers. Many have medicinal purposes as well.

Here are a few of our favorite selections for your cutting garden. These specific varieties are fast growers, which make them extra-nice to enjoy!


flower pacific beautyThis flower is an annual and features sturdy stems, bright foliage, and bright blooms. It’s available in many different yellow-orange “citrus” colors. Calendula, like marigolds, will help repel pests from the garden, so plant some near your vegetables, too. This plant is also helpful with relieving certain insect stings. Also, some cooks like to use the leaves in stews. Can be grown in zones 4-11.



Flower_Sea Shell Cosmos_2011Gorgeous long stems are the hallmark of these beauties. Cosmos will grow well even in poor soil, making them another favorite with gardeners everywhere. These flowers make an excellent choice for a butterfly garden – with pink, purple, red, and white blooms they are stunning and irresistible to pollinators. Our favorite is Seashell Cosmos – a real showstopper with shell-like tubular flowers. Can be grown in zones 5-10.

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Purple Coneflower

Flower_Purple Coneflower_2011This beautiful perennial can grow into large clumps of flowers and can get quite tall. They make great backside borders in your flower garden. The one-of-a-kind lavender to deep purple petals will make anyone smile.  This plant will draw butterflies and pollinators all summer long. Very drought-tolerant, and pest and disease resistant. This plant is also known as Echinacea – you can pick the flowers and make homemade tea for immunity boosting. Can be grown in zones 3-9.


Flower_Red Marietta_2011A gardener’s classic. No summer garden should be without this little gem. Marigolds are excellent at deterring pests from the garden and are beautiful to look at as well. While there are literally hundreds of varieties of marigold to chose from, we like the Red Marrietta variety. The rule of thumb for marigolds is to grow them in zones 9-11, but many gardeners (like myself) have had success growing them in zones 7 and 8 as well.



ColumbineThis drought-resistant flower is a neat addition to any cutting garden. Features bright colors and an exquisitely shaped bloom, it does well in partial shade. As long as it has relatively rich soil, this flower will grow pretty much anywhere, even in rock gardens. A must have for any bird watching gardener – this flower will bring the birds right in! Grows well in zones 3-9.


Any of these beautiful flowers (or all of them!) will get you off to a great start on growing your very own cutting garden. You’ll be amazed at how happy they make you feel when you cut a bouquet of fresh flowers to enjoy indoors, or perhaps to give away to someone else. If you would like to enjoy a home cutting garden this summer, you’ll want to order your seeds right away and get them started ASAP. Happy growing!

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