Blue Lake Pole Bean

Blue Lake

The Blue Lake Pole Bean is a “summer standard” in our garden. It’s a great heirloom bean with dependable and prolific yields that canning enthusiasts love. In fact, the Blue Lake might just be the #1 canning green bean of all time. Also a favorite for cooking and eating fresh off the vine!

Blue Lake bean plants grow some of the straightest and smoothest pods available. Pods are around six inches long and are crisp and stringless. Vines can grow 5-6 feet tall. The beans are very tender when cooked and have a full-bodied, distinctive flavor.

Direct sow after last frost. (Beans cannot tolerate frost.) Plant in full sun and well-drained soil. Provide a pole or trellis for the vines to climb on. Begin harvesting when pods are ripe and enjoy multiple harvests all season long.

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