This classic herb has thousands of uses in the kitchen.

The aroma and flavor of cilantro is truly one-of-a-kind. And it’s so simple to grow! Cilantro is a cool weather herb. No herb garden should be without it in the spring and fall.

Use the plant foliage as well as the seed (this part is technically called coriander) for culinary purposes. Add a sprig of cilantro to your soups or chili. Grace your Mexican, Caribbean, or Asian dishes with a generous helping of chopped cilantro leaves. And, no homemade salsa is complete without fresh cilantro!

Can be grown indoors year-round under the right conditions. In zones 8 and up, it may be grown outdoors during the winter months.

Sow directly outdoors for best results and use succession planting every 1-2 weeks for optimal yields. Grow in full sun to partial shade.

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