Cold Weather Kit


Many people think that gardening season officially begins with the last frost in spring. But that’s really a myth. You can extend the season and get growing much sooner by using one neat trick in the garden – a cold frame.

Cold frames allow you to extend your growing season by a month or more in each direction: Before the last frost in late winter and early spring and after the first frost in the fall. In some climates, you can even keep growing all winter long with a cold frame. Best of all, a cold frame is an ideal place to get your tomato or pepper plants acclimated to the outdoors before the weather cooperates.

With our Cold Weather Kit, in just a few weeks you’ll be enjoying scrumptious salads and delicious spring produce long before your neighbors are ready to harvest theirs without a cold frame. Our kit, combined with a cheap and easy-to-make cold frame, make gardening extra-rewarding this year. Enjoy a few extra months’ worth of produce –now and once again come fall. Trust us, once you try a cold frame you’ll wonder how you ever gardened without it!

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