Early Spring Gardening Checklist


Ready to get outdoors and start working in the garden? Good! There’s plenty to do, even if the weather won’t allow you to be outside each day. Here’s an early spring gardening checklist to get you started:

1. Decide what you’re going to plant this year. Think about what might need to be moved, changed, and so on. Draw up a game plan and take notes.

2. Order your seeds.

3. Try something new this year. Pick a new veggie or flower to “test drive” in the garden this year.

4. Get your cold weather crops ready to go and plant as soon as your climate allows. (For many of us, this is right now!)

5. Groom your gardening tools. Sharpen your pruning shears, dust off the gloves, take inventory of your supplies, and so on.

6. Clean up your raised beds, flower beds, and containers. Get them ready to go so that when the weather allows, you can spend your time planting, not cleaning.

7. Clean up any winter debris in the yard. Tree branches, limbs, and so on can be cleared away as soon as you can get outside to do it.

8. Prune and remove old perennial growth to allow for new growth.

9. Next, divide your perennials. Share and swap with friends!

10. Rejuvenate your soil. Add in organic compost and mulch as necessary. Consider testing your soil as well. Some gardeners like to feed their soil with an all-natural liquid fertilizer before planting.

11. Prune and shape your woody ornamentals. Early spring is the best time to shape your evergreen hedges and shrubs.

12. Consider building new flower beds, raised beds, or devoting more of your lawn space to growing!

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