Everything Beginners Need To Know About Gardening In Less Than An Hour – From Experts!

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artofgardening-2Starting a garden can leave a person feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities. Stacks upon stacks of books can leave a beginner uninterested and yearning to get their hands in the soil. Or worse, perusing the internet for hours on end and not feeling any more knowledgeable about the garden.

Fortunately, a few wise individuals have carried on the time-tested gardening traditions of our great-grandparents and continue to grow bountiful harvests of nutritious vegetables, succulent fruits, and vibrant flowers. And they may have even developed some special gardening techniques of their own.

The West Ladies of Homestead Blessings farm are just such a family. They have been growing their own food, flowers, and plants for many years, and have a wealth of “down home” knowledge about the art of gardening. In this DVD, they share their secrets about composting, pest control, potato patches, flowers, container gardening, vegetables, climate conditions, and much more! The Art of Gardening DVD is an excellent addition to your home library, and a great place to start when beginners are itching to get in the dirt.

Everything from a small container garden in a city backyard to a large vegetable garden, this DVD is packed with helpful instruction to help you grow beautiful healthy flowers and vegetables. Includes composting, pest control, container gardening, vegetables, potato patches, climate conditions, flowers, and much more.

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