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Hands down, tomatoes are the most popular vegetable grown.  Tomatoes are relatively easy to grow and maintain.  When customers visit our Heirloom Market & Café and search for tomato seeds, there’s always a common theme when talking about heirloom tomatoes.  Do you know what it is?  Everyone who has grown and tasted an heirloom tomato notices a remarkably huge difference in taste compared to the genetically modified tomatoes sold at the local grocery store.  (Heirloom tomatoes actually have a taste, compared to the GMO tomatoes which are typically bland).  Plus, not only do heirloom tomatoes taste better but they are also better for you!

We offer a wide variety of tomatoes, ranging from an array of different colors and sizes.  Here are 10 tomato varieties worth trying:

1.) Brandywine
Our Brandywine tomato is our best seller and is the most famous heirloom tomato in the world. Brandywine’s have been around since the 1800’s. This beefsteak is extremely productive. A great tomato to use on a tasty BLT on a warm summer night.
 2.) Artisan Pink Bumble BeePink Bumble Bee  The Artisan line comes from California.  They are very unique and a sure way to impress friends and family.  The Pink Bumble Bee is one of our customer favorites.  Pink and yellow striped, these cherry tomatoes are very sweet and full of flavor.
3.) Beam’s Yellow PearTomato_Beam's Yellow_2011  Beam’s Yellow Pear has been around since the 1700’s.  It’s personally one of my favorite because of its mild sweet flavor.  Fruits tend to be about 1-2” long, perfect for salads.
4.) Amish PasteTomato_Amish Paste  Another favorite amongst heirloom growers, the Amish Paste originated out of Wisconsin.  The fruits are meaty, juicy and have few seeds.  Great for canning or slicing.
5.) Indigo Apple Indigo Apple  The Indigo Apple tomato’s hype is that it has a very high anthocyanin level (the powerful antioxidant found in blueberries).  If you love tomatoes and want to add an extra antioxidant boost to your diet, this is the tomato for you!  Unripe fruit show lots of purple, which will eventually turn to almost black.
6.) Cherokee PurpleTomato_Cherokee Purple  The Cherokee Purple is thought to be from the Cherokee Nation.  This tomato has a dark red color that turns to a purple hue.  Excellent flavor and a great slicer.
7.) Sweet Aperitif
Tomato Sweet Aperitif
 This tomato is another one of my personal favorites.  Bud and I planted these last year and I couldn’t get enough of them!  They are sweet and perfect for a summer snack while you work in the garden.  My nieces and nephews ate these tomatoes like candy!
 8.) Wild Boar Sweet Carneros Pink
 Beautiful rose-pink with gold colored stripes, the Wild Boar Sweet Carneros Pink is crowd pleaser!  Great seller at farmers markets.  A great tomato to add to your garden for not only an exotic appeal but this tomato has a nice sweet tomato flavor as well.

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Plus, at Heirloom Solutions, we have a wide selection of heirloom tomatoes to choose from. From American favorites like the Brandywine tomato and Amish Paste tomatoes, to more exotic offerings like the Artisan Pink Bumblebee’s and Indigo Rose (yes, it’s really a bluish-purple tomato!) or the Beam’s Yellow Pear, there’s something for everyone.

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