Extremely Expensive Low-Cost Food


There is a synergy that exists between the emotional, physical, and spiritual areas of our lives, and the environmental umbilicus that supports us. The question has to be asked… should we be outsourcing every area of our lives, every facet of our physical reality, and not expect the balance sheet to tip out of our favor?

This is the question posed today on Off the Grid Radio, where we’re pleased to have as our guest, Joel Salatin. Joel is a third generation farmer, a prolific writer whose books include You Can Farm, Salad Bar Beef, and his latest work, Folks, This Ain’t Normal: A Farmer’s Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World, and whose farm, Polyface Farm in Swope, Virginia, and agricultural methods were featured prominently in the documentary film, Food, Inc.

We have become a nation that has succumbed to the allure that we can get something for nothing. We can have food on our tables, a roof over our head, and clothes on our backs–all without having to expend the energy to actually produce these commodities ourselves. It’s the same argument (from two sides of the same coin) that frames the OWS/banker confrontations. The OWS supporters want government to take care of them. The bankers want to live off the largesse of the country and her citizens and do as they please, no matter who is hurt.

And neither side wants to assume personal responsibility for anything in their lives or what’s happening in the country. We cannot continue like this indefinitely, not culturally and not within our own families.
Please join us on Off the Grid Radio today as Bill Heid, Brian Brawdy, and Joel Salatin discuss self-sufficiency, life skills, and how to translate that into a blueprint for a successful life.

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