Giant Prague Celeriac

celeriac giant prague

Want to “test drive” something new in the garden this year? Giant Prague Celeriac, also known as root celery, is a great option! Celeriac is a rather unappreciated vegetable, but it has tons of uses in the kitchen.

Celeriac is the knobby root of celery. It might look weird, but it tastes great. Celeriac tastes very similar to actual celery stalks, however the texture is different, and you will need to peel it before eating. The flavor is mild, but has a nice tang to it at the same time.

Celeriac is a cold hardy plant. It does take a little longer to mature than other veggies, but it is well worth the wait. It also overwinters quite well in many climates. Because it is a root vegetable, it stores rather well.

A few ideas for using celeriac:
-Put leaves in soups for a better-than-celery taste.
-Saute as you would celery.
-Make celeriac chips (like potato chips).
-Matches well with potatoes, onions, and leeks in pretty much any dish or soup.
-Cream together with mashed potatoes.
-Roast with other root veggies.
-Use raw in a salad.
-Pair with apples for a neat flavor complement.
-Serve alongside seafood dishes.

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