Diatomaceous earth

Each particle of God’s Miracle Dust can absorb 1½ times its own weight in water, so imagine what even a small pinch of it can do. GMD starts its action on the insect’s exoskeleton, absorbing the waxy outer layer. Once the GMD has penetrated the outer layer, it absorbs the insect’s body fluids. Without those fluids, the insect’s organs cease to function. Within seconds to hours (or, in rare cases, a couple of days) the bug literally dries out and dies.

Because God’s Miracle Dust has such superior absorptive capacity, it seems to kill bugs much faster than other forms of diatomaceous earth. Here’s the key: GMD diatoms come from the algae genus Melosira, a freshwater species of diatom. Melosira diatoms have over twice the surface area of more common diatom species. More surface area means more pores per diatom… which means better, faster absorption.

And here’s one of the best things about God’s Miracle Dust. It keeps on working for months! If it rains, you don’t even need to reapply it unless the rain is heavy enough to wash it away. Otherwise, once it dries, it’s actively protecting your garden again. So let’s talk about your garden.

Protects Your Plants Like Nothing Else In The World!

Aphids or beetles after your beans? Cabbage worms after your cabbage and cauliflower? Caterpillars after your kale? Leafhoppers on your azaleas? God’s Miracle Dust decimates them all. You can use all different types of methods to apply GMD, but here are a few we like:

Bugs are even reluctant to cross the GMD barrier, so sprinkle a defensive ring of it near the roots of your plants. Outline your whole garden patch with GMD. Sprinkle a layer over the entire garden. Soon enough, you’ll find what works for you. You can apply GMD using anything that gives you the control to distribute it evenly, like a pepper shaker, a flour sifter, or even a tin can with holes punched in the bottom. You can scoop it out of the package and shake it over the area. At your local home and garden store you’ll find all kinds of shakers and applicators that will work well too.

You can even make a liquid “slurry” by mixing 4 tablespoons of GMD to 1 gallon of water (shake often during use). Just spray it on your plants, making sure to apply it to both the underside and topside of leaves, the stem, and down near the roots.

God’s Miracle Dust is a great natural product to have at home, try it today!

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