Green Flageolet


If you are looking to grow a different kind of bean in the garden this year, the green flageolet is for you! This beautiful and exotic heirloom bean is often called the “Rolls Royce” or the “caviar” of the bean family. Nicknamed for its rich, sublime flavor, the green flageolet is a hallmark of French and Mediterranean cuisine.

The pods of the green flageolet are not edible, but the creamy, light-green beans on the inside are simply to die for. Flageolets should be removed from the pod when tender and just maturing. The versatile flavor of the flageolet nicely compliments lamb, fish, and chicken. Use in soups, in salads, or serve along with pasta. You can also cook these beans down into a creamy, white sauce that is very versatile as well. The possibilities are endless with this beautiful bean!

The green flageolet was developed in France in the late 1800’s. It is now grown in the rich soils of California and in home gardens across America. A few growing tips:

-Needs ample sunlight. Will not prosper in large amounts of shade.
-Likes soil rich in humus.
-Direct sow approximately 2 weeks after last frost.
-Beans dry and keep exceptionally well for later planting.
-Mulch and weed your crop well, but weed carefully as not to damage the roots.
-Companion plants: Corn, pumpkin, lettuces, celery, cucumber.

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