Growing Herbs Indoors


I don’t know about you, but I love to use fresh herbs in my cooking. The aroma and taste of fresh herbs just can’t be beat. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to forgo the pleasure of using fresh homegrown herbs. Growing a small indoor herb garden is a great way to keep using fresh herbs all winter long, and it helps make winter a little more tolerable until we can all get outside to dig in the dirt come spring. You can grow rosemary, thyme, cilantro, oregano, and more…all from the comfort of your warm indoor winter home!

A few tips for growing herbs indoors:

  1. Herbs need sunlight and warmth to grow. Find a sunny window or kitchen countertop that gets plenty of exposure to the sun. Otherwise, your indoor herb garden may be underproductive.
  2. If ample sunlight is an issue, consider using grow lights.
  3. Choose a location for your indoor herb garden that is free from cold air drafts and dry air drafts. If you are using a windowsill, make sure it is sealed and keep the plants from touching the cold window pane. Keep away from heating vents.
  4. Use pots that drain easily. Most herbs require well-drained soil to grow and thrive. Water your herbs so that they are moist, but never soggy. Herbs do not like to sit in overly wet soil.
  5. When growing anything indoors, use high-quality potting soil for best results. Don’t skimp on soil.
  6. Rotate your plants a quarter of a turn (90 degrees) every few days to keep them growing evenly. If it’s too hard to remember, turn them a quarter of a turn once a week.
  7. After your plants reach about six inches in height, snip, harvest, and use your  herbs regularly. This will promote bushier growth and will keep your plants nice and compact. However, do not harvest more than a third of the plant at one time. This can cause your plant to die back.
  8. Use an all-natural, liquid fertilizer about once a month. This will keep your herb plants healthy and will also give you plenty of herbs to harvest while growing indoors.
  9. Using a spray bottle, spritz your herbs with a light mist of water about once a week or every two weeks. You may be able to skip this step if your herb garden is located in your kitchen or bathroom where it gets natural moisture and humidity from the shower, sink, or dishwasher.

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