Guaranteed way to never start your fall garden

This past week, my sister, brother-in-law, and their six children came up from Alabama for a visit.  It’s always a great time, filled with lots of laughter!  When we all get together, there are 15 cousins ranging from 15 years old to 7 months!

Of the five of us siblings who are married, everyone has young kids and life is full throttle.  One thing we all share is that there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything we want to accomplished!

And thus is life!  No matter what stage of life you may be in, life seems to come and go faster and faster every year.

When I asked my sister who lives in Alabama if they were going to put in a fall garden, she looked at me with almost crazy eyes.  Balancing 6 kids homeschooling work, co-op classes, and all the extra-curricular activities they were involved in was more than a full time job!

She said she wanted to but just didn’t know if they would have time.  This kind of stinking-thinking, I told her, would guarantee her from never starting a fall garden!  (Time is the number one excuse people use for not gardening!)  There’s never enough time unless you make something a priority!  And she agreed.

In reality, between her, her husband and their 6 kids, all helping out, it really wouldn’t require all that much time or work.  (Grandma always said, “Many hands make light work.”)  Plus, why not turn it into something fun?  Maybe the boys could weed one night, girls could water the next, etc. I suggested.

Her next hesitation was she really didn’t know what to grow and didn’t have the time to search hundreds of varieties of seeds for fall planting.  I smiled and said don’t worry, I have just the thing.

I told her about the Fall Garden Kit because we designed it specifically with people like her in mind.  She didn’t have to think about what to plant, it was all covered in the kit.  The Fall Garden Kit would give her 13 varieties that she could plant.  If she didn’t’ want to plant all 13 varieties this year, she could try half this year and save the rest for next year.

By this time, her crazy eyes had diminished and there was a flicker of excitement as she asked if she could get the kit before they left to head back down south.

Like my sister, if you are crazy busy but desire to put in a fall garden, there’s still time before it is too late!  Our Fall Garden Kit is a great, easy, way to guarantee you WILL have a fall garden!

Click here to order your Fall Garden Kit today.

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