One of the fastest growing movements in the United States is the growth of the herbal tea movement.  Herbs are very versatile in their uses as well as add beauty and fragrance to your garden.

Last year, Bud planted a specific area for herbs to be used in our Heirloom Café here in Thomson, IL.  If the Café needed fresh herbs, they simply had to walk about 50 feet and grab what they needed.

The versatility of herbs allows you’re the ability to use them fresh in culinary dishes, medicinally, or as a healthy herbal tea.  Planting your own herbal tea garden gives you the opportunity to control what you put in your body (especially staying away from gmo’s and chemicals). Who doesn’t want to brew their own tea, from their own backyard, and from the work of their own hands?  Plus, there’s no better gift to a tea-drinking friend then a sachet of your very own dried herbs!

If you would like to grow your own herbs, specifically your own herbal tea garden, we have put together a special kit just for you!

The Herbal Tea Garden Kit includes:

  • Herbal Tea Gardens book by Marietta Marshall Marcin
    (Herbal Tea Gardens contains everything you need to know to grow, blend, and brew healthful and delicious herbal teas. Including over 100 tea recipes as well as illustrated garden plans to help you customize you tea garden to suit your health needs and environment.) (Retail Value $16.95)
  • Tea Steeper (3 piece steeping system includes:  10 oz. ceramic steeper, aluminum strainer and ceramic lid.  Made from the highest quality materials.) (Retail Value $14.99)
  • 6 Heirloom Herb Seed Packets:  (Retail Value $30.00)
    • Catnip – a natural sedative, aid to ease digestion, colic and diarrhea.
    • Chamomile – favorite in any herb garden for its soothing power and calming effect.  Helps ease stress.
    • Purple Coneflower – used for years to treat infections and wounds.  Helps rid the common cold.
    • Lavender – known for its soothing effect, helps with insomnia, anxiety and depression.
    • Lemon Balm – helps relax, especially for sleep disorders.
    • Rosemary – used for indigestion, to treat muscle pain and arthritis and improve circulation.

Order Your Herbal Tea Garden Kit Today!

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