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Making the commitment to growing your own food now means you’ll be eating delicious food later…

Right now, the harvest is still a bit far off as the 2014 spring and summer gardening season is just getting started. But the harvest will be here before you know it. Here at Heirloom Solutions we’re committed to the entire “farm to table” process. (Or, “garden to table” process if you prefer…) We want to help you in every way possible enjoy delicious, healthy, and nutritious meals around the table with your family. Home cooking with your freshly grown ingredients can be simple and scrumptious all at the same time.

As the season takes off, we’ll be sharing our favorite healthy and delicious recipes with you. From early spring crops to late fall harvests, we’ve got some really wonderful ideas and recipes in mind to share with you, our readers. But until the harvest begins, we’d like to help you take steps right now that will guarantee you the freshest, most delicious tasting food in just a few weeks and months.

The Secret: It all starts with the soil.

In gardening, it’s an absolute truth: Healthy soil grows healthy plants. The better your soil, the better your harvest will be. Healthy soil also boosts garden production, increases yields, and gives you a natural barrier against pests and disease.

To take it one step further – healthy soil also means healthy people! Want to improve your health, you say? Well, start by improving your soil quality and grow the bulk of your own food and you will be well on your way to optimal health. You’ll look good, feel better, and you’ll also see a noticeable improvement in your family’s health as well. It just makes sense. Growing your own food in healthy soil is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.

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Even better news…You’ve got time to get started! It’s not too late. In fact, you’re early to the party. Spring gardening is gearing up and now is the time to make a plan to better your soil quality. It isn’t rocket science – it’s natural and easy to do! Here are some tips to get you started:

Mulch more. Mulching your soil with organic matter is one of the best things you can do for your soil quality. Organic mulch releases important microbes and beneficial fungi into your soil and encourages the growth of healthy microbes that make your soil the very best it can be. You don’t need to spend money on expensive bags of mulch at the store. You can make your very own at home for a minimal investment.

Test your soil. You can get a cheap (or even free) pH and soil testing kit from your local agricultural extension office or nearby gardening store or nursery. Usually all the process entails is providing a small soil sample or two and sending it off.  Most extension offices will then issue you a report letting you know the pH of your soil and any recommendations they have for amending the soil. This is a great way to improve your soil. However you should not add anything to amend your soil (other than organic mulch, compost, and fertilizer) unless it is shown to be needed. Amending the soil pH without following key instruction could actually make the quality of the soil more off-balance.

Use natural fertilizers.  Many if not most of the fertilizers on the market are harsh and toxic chemical versions. They may “work” in the sense your flowers and plants grow, but they are doing long-term damage to the soil and the ecosystem. You should only use all-natural fertilizer for optimal results and soil health. It will nourish and feed your soil as well as your plants… not add harmful additives and toxins. Remember, what you put on your soil can end up in your food supply!

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