How To Make Your Own Homemade Luffa Sponge


by Stephanie Benson

Last year, at our gardens outside of our Heirloom Market & Café, Bud planted a row of our luffa sponge seed.  To be honest, prior to this, I never even had thought about how a luffa sponge was made or what material it was even made of.  Curious as to what others thought, I asked several ladies where they thought the luffa sponge was from and they both responded they thought it was from the ocean!

But believe it or not, the luffa sponge is actually a gourd (yes, a gourd and is known as the “dishcloth gourd”!) that has a fibrous interior which makes it perfect for scrubbing pots or beautifying your skin as you exfoliate with it.  You can also add your own homemade soap to it!  The luffa sponge is a great, natural multi-use product that you can grow in your own backyard!

The plants grow vertical so they take up little space in your garden.  We had ours climb a fence.    We didn’t do anything with them until it was time to harvest.

Here are a few simple steps to make your own homemade luffa sponge at home:

1.)   Once the plant has dried and withered away, peel back the skin, exposing the cream colored fibers.

2.)   Then pull out the seeds that are in the center of the luffa.  (Here’s your seeds for next year!)

3.)  Next, give your luffa a good rinse with warm water.

4.)  Cut the luffa to the desired size that you would like.

5.)   If you would like to make a luffa sponge with soap in it, there are a lot of easy recipes you can find online.

And that’s it!  The Luffa Sponge Gourd is a unique seed with endless possibilities to be creative with.  Give it a try this season!

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