How to Never Have To Plant Onions Again

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If your household is anything like mine, the one thing you can never have enough of is onions in the kitchen to cook with!  (I know this first hand because as soon as I married my husband, who has a background as a trained chef, I found out that we could never have enough onions in the house!)

So one of our family favorites in our garden is also one of the most fascinating plants that we carry here at Heirloom Solutions.  It is called the Homesteader Onion.

This unique onion is also known as the Egyptian Walking Onion, because of its unique ability to “walk” through your garden.  The way God designed these onions is pretty cool to watch.  If the top-setting bulblets are not picked, the plant topples over, putting the bulblets in position to take root and start another plant!  If left on their own, they will multiply year after year, giving you an endless supply of wonderful, bite-sized onions.

The Homesteader Onion provides clusters of small, slightly spicy onions.  The entire plant can be eaten, including the onion bulb in the ground, the green onion stalk and the top bulblets.

If you are looking for a way to continue to have an endless supply of onions, year after year, the Homesteader Onion is your best bet.  Plus, if you’ve never planted them before, I guarantee you will be entertained by them!

Our Homesteader Onions begin shipping mid-September in time for Fall planting.

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