Kiki’s Story

Kiki 2

               Kiki’s radishes and cilantro!

Kiki is a young man who lives in Mexico. One of Bud’s uncles works with an orphanage in Mexico. While visiting Bud’s family in Mississippi last week, we got to hear Kiki’s story and a reminder that the heirloom seeds we offer are “More Than Just A Seed”.

Kiki is about 15-years-old, give or take. No one knows when he was born, but he was brought to the couple who is running the orphanage (it’s set to open later this year) when he was around 2 years old with his twin brother. When Kiki and his family moved out to the plot of land where the orphanage was being built, he helped with the garden and animals.   And guess what?  He loved his work and excelled at it!

Eventually, not only was Kiki providing fresh radishes and cilantro for his family but he began selling them to the locals. Now people are seeking out Kiki to get their fresh heirloom vegetables! The smile on his face in the picture above says it all!

Kiki’s story is a great reminder to all of us, as we don’t always know what will become of the “seeds” that we plant. Sometimes we do not see the fruit of what is being planted. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to hear of someone like Kiki, not only his success in physically planting seeds, but in the sowing of a passion and a love.

That’s why I love gardening. Giving the gift of seeds is not just giving a tomato or squash seed. It’s giving someone a passion, a love and the opportunity to learn life’s lessons in God’s creation!

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