“Knee High By The 4th of July”

Corn field

Here at Heirloom Solutions we offer 6 different varieties of heirloom corn. Our best seller year after year is our Golden Bantam. This is a 12-row strain which has been the standard for yellow open-pollinated sweet corn for over a century. It has tender kernels and 2 ears per stalk. Will tolerate tight spacing and dry conditions. Best eaten right after harvesting.

Stowell’s Evergreen was first introduced back in 1856. Still the best white open-pollinated variety for home gardeners. Ears grow 8-10” long and have 14-30 straight rows of kernels. Best eaten right after harvesting.

Reid’s Yellow Dent does well in southern heats and soils. This corn has vigorous 8-10’ tall plants, 9-10” ears. Good for grinding into cornmeal.

Country Gentlemen is known as one of the finest roasting corns. Plants reach up to 8’ tall and can produce 3 or more ears per plant.

Bloody Butcher is originally from Virginia and has been grown since 1845. Large 10-12’ plants have 2-4 ears per plant, with red kernels, which are great for decorations. A great variety for grinding into flour or cornmeal. Can also be used as corn on the cob when young.

Our last variety is my niece and nephews favorite, Minnesota Rainbow Popcorn. One of the best for popping but also great for autumn decorations. Kids love this variety, especially when they get to enjoy popping and eating it!

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