Last Call For Tomatoes!


It’s official. Now is the last call for getting those tomatoes in for the 2014 growing season. Plant now, or forever hold your peace!

Okay, so that’s a little dramatic. But it’s no joke. If you don’t get those tomatoes going ASAP, you really will have to wait until next year for that little slice of homegrown goodness. (Or, you’ll just have to be okay with buying someone else’s tomatoes all summer long…)

There is still a little bit of time to order your heirloom tomato seeds and get growing, but you’re going to need to do it now. Like, right now this very minute.

Waiting until the last minute couldn’t be sweeter. At Heirloom Solutions, we’ve put together a Last Call Heirloom Tomato Package that is one of the very best values on the market. We’ve selected 5 varieties of our favorite and most popular cherry tomatoes for this package. Cherry tomatoes are some of the quickest growing tomatoes and are also great for new gardeners.

Our Package Includes One Seed Pack Of Each:

Tomato Sweet Aperitif mint-julep Tomato_Mexico Midget_2011 Tomato_Tommy Toe_sign Tomato_Beam's Yellow_2011

Sweet Aperitif – This little gem might just be the sweetest cherry tomato you’ve ever tasted. Seriously refreshing on a hot summer day…kids can’t get enough of them!

Mint Julep – Green with a striped pattern, this beauty is not to be missed. Plum-shaped and a good producer.

Mexico Midget – Old-time favorite that is perfect for salads and side dishes. Or for eating right off the vine. Tiny and red with prolific yields.

Tommy Toe – The heat and humidity won’t bother this super-producer. Provides tons of fruits and is a #1 favorite with patio gardeners everywhere.

Beams Yellow Pear – As the name implies, a yellow pear-shaped tomato. Great for slicing, canning, and fresh eating. Looks beautiful in homemade salsas, too.

But that’s not all. To get you growing in record time, we’re throwing in a bottle of our amazing Nitro Seed Starter for super-quick germination. This package is a $45 value, but we’re giving it to you for just $19.95 plus $6.95 for shipping.

Already have your tomatoes for this season? Why not add a few more to the garden? (You can never have too many tomatoes.) Or, scoop up this package with limited-time pricing and hang on to the seeds for next year!

To order your Last Call Heirloom Tomato Package simply CLICK HERE.

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