Ojo de Cabra Bean


Also known as the “Eye of the Goat” bean, this high-yield pole bean is a gourmet favorite!

The Ojo de Cabra heirloom bean is one of the more unusual looking beans available. And the name is no joke – the bean greatly resembles the unique look of a goat’s eye with it’s hallmark brown stripe in the middle. With rich, native colors and a sweet, yet delicious taste, it has become a favorite of foodies, cooks, and gardeners.

It grows well nearly everywhere, even for those climates with shorter growing seasons. Grow as you would any variety of pole bean. Will thrive and grow like gangbusters in rich, organic soil. Dries exceptionally well for food storage purposes, and can also be picked as a snap bean.

Cooking your Ojo de Cabra beans couldn’t be simpler. The flavor of this delicious bean is so remarkable it stands alone and doesn’t need much help. Perhaps add just a little onion and garlic to cook up the perfect bowl of beans. Also, serve with fresh salsa and tortillas for a delicious yet simple treat.

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