Bountiful Bush Bean


Bountiful Bush Beans are among the most popular additions to the home vegetable garden. These delicious bush beans are not only easy to grow but are able to thrive when planted in succession.

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Bountiful Bush Bean History

Bountiful bush beans were Introduced to gardeners in 1898, the same year the United States entered into the Spanish-American war when President William McKinley was in office. A wonderful, stringless, straight flat green pods that are 6-8″ long, heavy yielding, reliable home garden beans. Good choice for canning and freezing. Productive bush plants grow 16″ tall. Bright vibrant green pods that will brighten up your meal, with great flavor.

Planting Bountiful Bush Beans

To begin sowing Bountiful Bush Beans, prepare a weed-free garden bed that receives full sun. When planting beans, it is best that the large seeds are directly sown into the vegetable bed. Plant seeds according to the package instructions. Sow the seeds about 1″ into the soil, once planted water religiously, your beans will be ready to harvest in 50 days. Also, the pods should be picked frequently to prolong the harvest. Pods can be harvested after reaching mature size, but before the seeds inside become too large. Overly mature pods become tough and fibrous, and may not be suitable for eating. More on this at the Farmers Almanac site.

Preserving and Storing Your Beans For Later Use

I have found that the best way to preserve bountiful bush beans or any beans really for long term use is to vacuum seal them. In addition, you can click here for an in-depth article on how to store Bountiful and other bush beans for long term use.

Cooking With Bush Beans

Now, these beans are an amazing side dish for any meal, I personally like to boil the beans and add a pinch of salt for flavor. Here is a delicious recipe using bountiful bush beans I’m sure you will love.

 Bean Nutrition

Beans in general and bountiful bush beans as well are among the most versatile and are among the world’s most commonly eaten foods. As you already know… quite a few varieties are grown and eaten right here in the U.S.  Beans have a remarkable nutritional composition, and can improve the general health of those eating them on a regular basis. Finally, you can out a lot about bean nutrition on this site. Some of it might surprise you!

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