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California Wonder Pepper is one of the best for the home gardener, long known as a great canning and freezing variety. Heavy sets of 4-lobed, 4″ blocky fruits that ripen from green to red and weigh around 6 ounces


California Wonder Pepper History

The California Wonder Pepper was Introduced in 1828, this bell pepper variety is probably the most popular (and oldest) commercial varieties grown in the United States today. The dark green peppers are mostly 4-lobed and blocky, about 4 1/2 inches long and 4 inches wide, with crisp, thick walls and sweet taste. The peppers are borne on tall plants which produce an abundance of peppers over a very long season.

Planting California Wonder Bell Pepper Seeds

Give your peppers the best start possible by planting them the right way. Here’s what you need to do now to maximize your harvest and minimize problems all season long. Short pepper plants transplant better than tall pepper plants, which are likely to be root bound. So, fight that “bigger is better” mentality, when you go to buy your pepper plants. Prefer to start your peppers from seed? Then, start your seeds 8-10 weeks before you plan to transplant your peppers. This will keep them from getting too tall and leggy in their seed pots. You don’t want your pepper plants to do too much growing and rooting until you’ve planted them. Click here to learn some amazing tips and tricks on how to plants California Wonder peppers.

Preserving And Storing California Wonder Sweet Pepper For Later Use

Learning how to store your vegetables properly will help keep them fresher longer, and help maintain their delicious taste. The first thing you should know about storing fruits and veggies: make sure you aren’t storing them together. Many fruits give off a gas that makes other produce spoil, so storing fruits and veggies in separate crisper drawers can help prevent your vegetables from ripening past their prime too quickly. Click here to learn 3 ways to store California Wonder Pepper for long term use.

Cooking With California Wonder Bell Pepper

The California Wonder Pepper is an excellent vessel for stuffing meat, rice, and, of course, cheese. It’s strong enough to hold its shape in the oven, and the flavor is subtle enough to go well with just about anything. This is our favorite recipe but the customization options are endless. We use shredded Monterey Jack, but feel free to swap in any other melty cheese that you have on hand. You can also use another ground protein (pork, turkey, or chicken) in the place of beef. Click here to cook this tasty recipe.

California Wonder Pepper Nutrition

California Wonder is low in calories and rich in vitamins; a 1/2-cup serving of the chopped fruit has only 14 calories but provides 75 percent of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C when green and double that amount when allowed to grow to full, red maturity. Red peppers also have 30 percent of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin A, and you get both folic acid and vitamin B6 from your homegrown snack.

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