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Cayenne Long Slim Pepper Recorded as early as 1828. Compact 24-30″ plants. Fruits are 4-6″ long and ½” thick tapering to a point. Excellent for drying. Fiery hot even when small.


Cayenne Long Slim Pepper History

Cayenne Long Slim Peppers are grown largely in India, East Africa, Mexico and the United States. The seed’s long viability facilitated the rapid spread of the plant throughout the tropics and sub-tropics by the Spanish and Portuguese. Despite its specific name, and the supposed use of special chiles for it, there is little to distinguish cayenne from ordinary pure chilli powder, except that commercial ‘chilli powder’ usually contains other spices such as garlic or cumin, and is rougher in texture.

Long Slim Red Cayenne Pepper Growing Instructions

  • Set pepper plant seedlings out after the last spring frost. They grow well in raised beds, containers, and in-ground gardens. Plant them 18 to 24 inches apart in a sunny, well-drained spot. Pepper plants need at least 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. Mix compost or other organic matter into the soil when planting. Water immediately after planting, then regularly throughout the season. Aim for a total of 1-2 inches per week (more when it’s hotter).
  • Mix a continuous-release fertilizer into the soil at planting and replenish as directed during the growing season. Spread mulch (such as chopped leaves or straw) around the plants to help keep the soil cool and moist. Support each pepper plant with a stake or small tomato cage, to help bear the weight of the fruit once it begins to produce. Harvest peppers with shears or a knife, then store in the fridge. Be sure to pick all peppers before the first fall frost comes.

Preserving And Storing Peppers

Thin-skinned chiles dry very well, varieties such as cayenne or Thai, and look wonderful strung into simple ristras. Steer clear of hot peppers with thick flesh, like jalapenos. Their flesh is too thick and may mold before drying.

It’s important to hang the ristras somewhere quite warm and dry at first. If it’s sunny they can even go right out in the full sun. Once fully dried they should last a year, or more.

No time for a ristra? Simply let the peppers dry out on a cooling rack in the kitchen, allowing air circulation from below. Put the tray in a sunny, well-ventilated room. The kitchen windowsill is a great spot. Once dried, you can store them as is in an airtight container or grind them up into pepper flakes or a powder. Click Here to learn more

Cayenne Long Slim Pepper Recipes

A recipe to make your own homemade cayenne pepper sauce in your own kitchen, with store bought or garden grown cayenne peppers, garlic, vinegar and salt. It’s super easy and super flavorful.

Pepper Nutrition

The capsaicin in cayenne peppers may help boost your metabolism. However, its effect is small and you may build up a tolerance. The capsaicin in cayenne peppers may help reduce your hunger, helping you eat less throughout the day. Capsaicin has appeared to reduce blood pressure in animal studies. Human studies are needed before making a recommendation. Cayenne peppers may help improve your digestive health and reduce your risk of stomach ulcers. Capsaicin has powerful pain relief properties. It relieves pain by reducing the amount of substance P that your body produces.

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