Danvers Carrot Seeds: a leading main crop variety for the home and market gardener, truly one of the best heirloom carrots. Originally developed in Danvers, Massachusetts in the late 1800’s. Sweet, tender and bright orange fleshed.

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Danvers Carrot History

Danvers Carrots Seeds were once used as much for their medicinal value as they were in culinary applications. They were developed in the 1870’s in Danvers, Massachusetts. The variety was shared with Burpee in 1886 and became a popular seed due to the root’s deep orange color and rich flavor. This variety does better than many popular carrots because it forms nice roots even in heavy, shallow soils. Creating a mound when growing Danvers carrots in such soils can help promote root formation. The roots can grow 6 to 7 inches long (15 to 18 cm.). Danvers is a biennial plant which can take 65 to 85 days from seed to harvested root.

How To Plant Danvers Carrot Seeds

Prepare a garden bed by loosening soil to a depth of at least 10 inches (25 cm.). Incorporate organic material to increase porosity and add nutrients. You may plant these Danvers carrot seeds three weeks before the date of the last expected frost in your area. Build a low mound and plant seeds with just a dusting of soil over them. Water regularly to keep soil from drying out. When you see the tops of the roots, cover the area with some organic mulch. Prevent competitive weeds as the roots form. Danvers carrot information indicates that this variety is very heat resistant and rarely splits. You can begin harvesting baby carrots at any time they are large enough to eat. Click here to learn about caring for your Danvers Carrot Seeds.

Preserving and Storing Danvers Carrots

Most vegetables, including Danvers carrot seeds, should be blanched before freezing. Blanching is the process of scalding vegetables in boiling water for several minutes, then stopping the cooking process by immersing in ice water. Enzyme action causes raw vegetables to lose flavor, color and texture, and eventually the Danvers carrot seeds would spoil; blanching stops this process. It also ensures that the surface of the vegetable is clean of dirt, enhances the color and helps to retain vitamins. However, if you plan to use your frozen carrots within three months, you can freeze them without blanching. Be aware that the texture will be different if you don’t blanch them. For the best quality carrots that will retain their color, vitamins and other nutrients, and will last longer than three months in the freezer, blanch your carrots before freezing. Click here to learn about more preserving options.

Cooking with Carrots

Carrots are so versatile too. Raw carrot sticks are a great snack. Carrots are often included in soups, stews and stir-fries. Simple sliced cooked danvers carrot seeds make a delicious side dish and can be either sweet or savory depending on how you season them. And who doesn’t love carrot cake for dessert? Here are some amazing recipes for Danvers carrots.

Carrot Nutrition

Do you remember your mother telling you that Danvers carrot seeds are good for your eyes? Well, she was right. Vitamin A is essential for eye health. Carrots, especially when eaten raw, really are good for our eyesight. Carrots contain a high amount of beta-carotene and fiber, and are high in vitamins A, C and K plus iron and copper. Raw carrots are also high in pectin, a form of fiber that lowers cholesterol. Their high vitamin content boosts our immune system. Recent studies show that they might help lower blood pressure, and help regulate blood sugar levels too.

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