Early Jalapeno Pepper Seeds


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Early Jalapeno Pepper Seeds do well even in cool areas. Sturdy 24″ plants are loaded with 3″ fruits that ripen from green to red. Fruits are mild when green, but hotter when red and fully ripe.


Early Jalapeno Seeds History

Early Jalapeno Pepper Seeds – Usage of the jalapeno pepper dates back 1000s of years in South America. They were most notably cultivated and smoked for long-term storage, and thus the Chipotle pepper was born. With its origins in Mexico, the Jalapeño pepper’s name literally means “from Jalapa” (or Xalapa), which is a large city in Mexico. This is where the pepper was originally cultivated. Mexico is still the most prolific country for producing Jalapeno peppers, with an estimated 70,000 acres dedicated to growing them.

How To Plant Early Jalapeno Seeds

Once there is no worry of frost, you can plant your pepper plants to your garden or chosen spot. Choose a location with full sunlight for growing peppers, as jalapenos LOVE the sun.Mix in some mushroom compost or other organic compost to make the soil fertile and moist. Space the jalapeno pepper plants 14 – 16 inches apart with about 2 -3 feet between rows. The plants will eventually grow to nearly 3 feet high. Water! Keep the soil constantly moist, but not soaking wet. Jalapeno peppers love water, but you don’t want to inundate the plants, or you run the risk of rotting. Water every other day or every third day. Include a good plant food product for fertilizing. Keep your jalapeno garden well weeded. If you are new to gardening, learn more about growing jalapenos in the ground.

Preserving Jalapeno Seeds

There are alot of ways to preserve Jalapeno Seeds and Jalapenos. Canning, Freezing, Drying. Click here to learn how to Freeze Jalapenos

Early Jalapeno Plant Recipes

Preserving jalapeños couldn’t be simpler. Whether you grow your own or spy those bright green beauties at the farmers market or grocery, late summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy pickling in season jalapeños. Enjoy this quick pickled jalapeño recipe within an hour or canned jalapeños the following day. Their flavor improves with a little time.

Jalapeno Early Hot Pepper Nutrition

Jalapeños are rich in vitamins A and C and potassium. They also have carotene — an antioxidant that may help fight damage to your cells – as well as folate, vitamin K, and B vitamins. Many of their health benefits come from a compound called capsaicin. That’s what makes the peppers spicy.

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