Fall Garden Kit

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Includes 13 different varieties of heirloom seeds perfect for the Fall season

Wild Arugula – Grown for centuries around the Mediterranean, this authentic wild arugula comes to us straight out of Italy. This strain is much stronger in both flavor and aroma than standard cultivated arugula. Ready to pick in 35 days. Packet (1,000 seeds)

Black Valentine Bean – Straight slender dark-green, nearly round pods, stringless at all stages. Strong vigor, good for early spring plantings. Plants are 16-18″ tall. First introduced by seedsman Peter Henderson in 1897 used extensively for canning and shipping. For an extended supply of beans, plant successive sowings every 2-3 weeks. Can also be used as a dry bean. 48 to 70 days. Packet (100 seeds).

Detroit Dark Red Beet – The standard for beets, originally developed in 1892 from “Early Blood Turnip Beet.” Excellent choice as a main crop canner, reliable yields of 3″ round, blood red, roots. Good keeper. Make successive sowing for a continuous supply. It is possible to have fresh beets from May through November even in the upper Midwest. 45-70 days. Packet (500 seeds)

Little Fingers Carrot – A great mini carrot from France, great for children. Very early, roots are 3-4″ long and can be pulled easily. Smooth skin, deep orange color little to no core. Very sweet and crisp, once you taste these it will be hard to go back to store bought imitations! Can also be grown well in containers. Sow in early spring and also in late summer for a fall crop. 50-60 days from transplant. Packet (1,000 seeds)

Buttercrunch Lettuce – All-American Selections winner from 1966, bred by Dr. Raleigh at Cornell. Well known with growers and consumers. Small heads weigh 12-14 oz. each. Very tender, nice flavor, does well in the Midwest heat. 50-60 days. Packet (1,000 seeds)

Green Oakleaf Lettuce – French variety that has been grown since the 1700’s. This strain is very tolerant of hot weather and bolting. Long-standing and never bitter. Good cutting variety, plants will grow back time after time when cut back. Start eating as a baby leaf at 25 days or as a full sized, loose-leaf head at 50 days.  Packet (1,000 seeds)

Green Arrow Pea – This strain has set the standard for home and market production. Medium-size vines grow 24-28” tall and require minimal support. Trellising can be as simple as some tree branches. Slim pointed pods are 4-5” long and contain 8-11 small deep-green peas. Pods are almost always borne in doubles. Great for canning, freezing, and for dehydrating. Very heavy, reliable production.  Does best in the cooler seasons.  62-70 days. Packet (250 seeds)

French Breakfast Radish – Oblong shaped, rose-scarlet on the top with a white tip. White, crisp flesh, mildly pungent flavor, top quality. Sow in the spring or fall, harvest when small. A garden standard since the 1880s. Let a few plants go to seed so that you can enjoy the seedpods raw in salads or stir-fry. 30 days from planting. Packet (500 seeds)

America Spinach – A long standing bloomsdale type spinach, fine quality, heavy yields. All-American Selections winner in 1952. Excellent for fresh use, canning or freezing. Slow to bolt, tolerant to heat and drought40-50 days from transplant. Packet (500 seeds)

Rhubarb Swiss Chard – Introduced in 1857 and has stood the test of time. Deep Crimson colored stalks and leaf veins contrast sharply with green crumpled leaves. Ornamental enough for the flower garden, but also very well flavored for baby greens or cooked. Good vigor, can be sown early in the spring. 50-60 days. Packet (250 seeds)

Dwarf Blue Kale – Incredibly curled blue-green leaves. A real show stopper as an ornamental, but also extremely delicious and high in vitamin A. Sturdy plants grow 18 – 24” tall and will spread 24 -30” wide. Very hardy, will overwinter in zone 5 with a little mulch. 55-60 days. Packet (100 seeds)

Round Zucchini – This is a top quality, open-pollinated strain of round zucchini. Fruits continue through summer and fall if continuously picked. Bush habit. 45 days. Packet (50 seeds)

Purple Top Turnip – First noted in the 1800’s and still the most widely used variety for home and market. Large tops can be used for greens, roots are best when they are 3-4”. Sweet, mild flesh, fine grained and stores well. Root bears longer than most, good condition until quite large. 45-60 days. Packet (500 seeds)

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