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The Hungarian Heart Tomato is a strain is from a small village outside of Budapest. Huge pink fruits weigh 1 pound or more. A great choice for slicing, canning or roasting. Rarely cracks. A reliable, heavy producer.


Hungarian Heart Tomato History

Hungarian Heart Tomatos originated from Hungary and growing since 1900 year.Strong, sun-loving plants produced well to first frost. Large reddish-pink oxheart-type fruits are meaty and juicy. Very few seeds and almost no cracking. Ideal for fresh eating, canning, and for making roasted tomato sauce. First listed in the 1991 SSE Yearbook by Jerry Muller of Alabama. He acquired the variety in 1988 from Ed Simon of Pennsylvania.

How To Grow Hungarian heart Tomato Seeds

plant them 1/4 inch deep and 1 inch apart in flats placed in a warm, sunny room. Once the seedlings grow their second set of leaves (the first true leaves), transplant them to plastic cups, burying the stems deeper than before. This encourages a strong root system. If you’re buying transplants from a nursery, you’ll also want to let them develop a solid root system before planting.

Wait until the temperature stays consistently warm before putting plants in the ground. When you’re choosing a spot in your garden, look for a bed that’s in full sun. Dig bigger holes than you think you’ll need at least 2 feet apart, setting the plants so that the lowest set of leaves sit at soil level. Some gardeners will bury almost the entire plant, since new roots will sprout on the stems and lead to more fruit. Then fill the holes with a mixture of compost and soil.

Preserving And Storing Tomatos

Canning tomatoes are the classic way of turning fresh, ripe tomatoes into something you can enjoy all year long

Hungarian Heart Tomato Recipes

I hope you’re cooking with tomatoes like crazy right now, while they’re tangy, juicy, and sweet. In case you’re looking for some new tomato recipes.

Tomato Nutrition

Fresh tomatoes are low in carbs. The carb content consists mainly of simple sugars and insoluble fibers. These fruits are mostly made up of water. They are also are a good source of several vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K, and folate. Lycopene is one of the most abundant plant compounds in tomatoes. It’s found in the highest concentrations in tomato products, such as ketchup, juice, paste, and sauce. Studies show that tomatoes and tomato products may reduce your risk of heart disease and several cancers. This fruit is also beneficial for skin health, as it may protect against sunburns.

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