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Prudens Purple Tomato produces plants loaded with 10-16 ounce, dark pink fruits. It’s a real contender for the best beefsteak heirloom.


Pruden’s Purple Tomato History

Prudens Purple Tomato (aka Prudence) is a real contender for the best beefsteak heirloom. According to various Seed Savers Exchange descriptions, its development is attributed to an “old woman in Eastern Kentucky” by the name of Mrs. Pruden.

Planting Prudens Purple Tomato Seeds

If you have tried Brandywine and found it finicky, give Pruden’s a try. Sow tomato seeds anytime from mid March to late April; the earlier you sow the seeds, the earlier you’ll harvest fruit. Sowing tomato seeds after the first of May is not likely to produce plants that yield before frost. Here’s some additional information that should help you grow some great-tasting Prudens Purple tomatoes.

Preserving and Storing Your Tomatoes For Later Use

Potato leaf plants are loaded with 10-16 ounce, dark pink fruits. Very few seeds, widely adapted. You can actually pick tomatoes, wash them off and freeze them whole. Just put them in an air tight container and use them as you need them throughout the year. Click here to learn more about the many ways that you can preserve and store your tomatoes.

Cooking With Prudens Purple Tomatoes

It has a low-acid, full and sweet tomato flavor with a slightly smoky finish, a firm, meaty flesh, and few seeds. Similar to varieties such as the Brandywine or Cherokee Purple, the Pruden’s Purple can be served in salads or on sandwiches as a fresh tomato. It can also feature as a main ingredient for salsas. Check out this terrific recipe if you need more ideas on how to best prepare your tomatoes for eating.

Tomato Nutrition

A single tomato can provide about 40% of the daily recommended minimum of vitamin C. What’s more, tomatoes supply vitamin A, which supports immunity, vision, and skin health; vitamin K, which is good for your bones; and potassium, a key nutrient for heart function, muscle contractions, and maintaining a healthy blood pressure and fluid balance. This article outlines many more of the amazing health benefits of tomatoes.

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