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Purple Coneflower Seeds are one of the most popular herbal medicines today. It has been used for more than 400 years to treat infections, even malaria, blood poisoning and diphtheria.


Purple Coneflower Seeds History

Purple Coneflower Seeds are a North American native and was discovered in the United States. This native wildflower has wormed its way into the hearts of gardeners everywhere with its stunningly beautiful flowers and herbal benefits. Purple coneflower plants are easy to grow and are now available globally in a variety of hues and cultivars. but they started out as just a group of 9 Echinacea species indigenous to the U.S.

Purple coneflower is an apt name for some of the plants in the Echinacea species but not all of them produce purple blooms. The name is representative of Echinacea purpurea, a plant in the Aster family. These plants were victims of the incorrect botanical classing that is only recently being unraveled thanks to DNA testing. Incorrect placement is one of the common heirloom flower facts that affects many species and families. Originally designated in the family Rudbeckia, older literature still lists the plant in that family rather than the correct, Echinacea.

Planting Coneflower Seeds

Coneflowers prefer well-drained soil and full sun for best bloom. Choose a location where they won’t get shaded out nor shade out others. They may reach between 2 and 4 feet in height, depending on variety. Coneflowers are drought tolerant. Loosen the soil in your garden using a garden fork or tiller to 12 to 15 inches deep, then mix in a 2- to 4-inch layer of compost.

Preserving your Purple Coneflower Plant

Store Echinacea seeds in a cool, dry place. For long-term storage, tuck seeds into the refrigerator in sealed jars. Although seeds remain viable for at least seven years, you’ll get best germination when you plant coneflower seeds within a year of harvest. Click here to learn more.

Coneflower Herbal Uses

You don’t have to be a herbalist to know about the immune-boosting powers of echinacea.  It’s one of the better-known herbs, and for good reason.  Echinacea tea has been used for centuries to help fend off winter illnesses, and there are countless studies that show it’s an effective immune system stimulant. Click here to make this amazingly healthy tea.

Herb Nutrition

Linked to many health benefits, such as reduced inflammation, improved immunity and lower blood sugar levels. Purple coneflower, loaded with antioxidants. such as flavonoids, cichoric acid and rosmarinic acid, which may help defend your body against oxidative stress.

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