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Scarlet Nantes carrot seeds are widely adapted and good for storage, freezing and for juice. They are also extremely high in antioxidants.


Scarlet Nantes History

Nantes carrots were first mentioned and described in the 1885 edition of the Henri Vilmorin family seed catalogue. Moreover, they are named after the city of Nantes, the largest and most important city in Brittany, France.

How To Grow Scarlet Nantes Carrot Seeds

Scarlet Nantes carrot seeds are a good variety to grow for baby carrots. The cylindrical roots of Scarlet Nantes are 7″ long by 1½” wide. First, cultivate the soil at a depth of at least 8 inches. Next, remove weeds with your hands and a garden hoe, and rake out lumps and rocks that may obstruct root growth. Leave a row in the garden for late fall digging. Click here to learn more about planting Scarlet Nantes.

Preserving and Storing Your Scarlet Nantes Carrot Heirloom

Widely adapted carrots, good for storage, freezing and for juice. To store freshly harvested carrots, twist off the tops, scrub off the dirt under cold running water, let dry and seal in airtight plastic bags, and refrigerate. If you simply put fresh carrots in the refrigerator, they’ll go limp in a few hours. You can store carrots in tubs of moist sand for winter use as well.

Cooking With Scarlet Nantes

Bright reddish-orange flesh, fine grained, nearly coreless, great flavor, sweet and crisp. Take a look at this recipe for roasted carrots.

Scarlet Nantes Nutrition

Nantes carrot seeds are extremely high in antioxidants. Additionally, they are an excellent source of vitamin A, which can help prevent vision loss and repair elements within the skin, vitamin C to protect the body from sickness, and fiber to assist with digestion. The roots also contain some vitamin K, magnesium, calcium, folate, and potassium.

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