Tigers Eye Beans


Tiger Eye beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) are some of the most beautiful of all the dry beans, originally from either Chile or Argentina.


Tiger Eye Beans History

Tiger Eye beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) are some of the most beautiful of all the dry beans, originally from either Chile or Argentina. They are 1/2 inch long, amber or gold with dark red or maroon swirls, and believed to resemble the coloring of a tiger’s eye.

Planting Tiger Beans

Very vigorous bush plants can grow 24-36″ tall. Very productive dry bean. 80-90 days. Direct sow 1″ deep May through June in rows that are 1′ apart. Thin seedlings to 3-6″ spacing. Protect early sowings from frost. Stop irrigating in early August. Harvest beans from pods that are fully dry. Shell by hand, by dancing, or by driving on beans spread on a tarp. Winnow to clean. Test for dryness with a hammer – dry beans shatter. Check this article out for more info on how to grow your own Tiger’s Eye beans.

Preserving And Storing Your Beans For Later Use

Pick in the green stage, before the seeds get plump, and not only will you have a nice green bean, it will encourage more flowers to form. Did you ever find a huge green bean that somehow you missed picking? That won’t happen here. As the seeds swell, the pods turn yellow. Easy now to find, and you can then just remove them from the pod to enjoy.

Or just let the seeds set out. Give them a few days to become completely dry, then simply store in an air tight container. Come winter these will be a nice bean soup or a delightful pan of baked beans. Click here for more details on preserving and storing Tiger’s Eye beans.

Tiger Beans Recipe

Excellent creamy texture, extremely tender skin once cooked. Great for Chili or refried beans. Here’s a recipe for some good ole’ “Tiger Eye Chili”!

Tiger Eye Beans Nutrition

Tiger eye beans are a great source of protein, 41 grams per cup to be exact! They are members of the larger family of legumes, plants used for their edible seeds and pods, which boast a high nutrient density with low-maintenance production and storage. These beans contain high levels of essential minerals and fiber while maintaining a low level of fats. You can find more nutrition facts for Tiger’s Eye beans here.

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