Rain Water For Optimal Plant Growth


All water is not created equally…

Have you ever noticed how much fresher, greener, and healthier your plants look after a good spring or summer rain? That’s no coincidence. Rain water is better for your plants versus the tap water that flows from the hose.

The reason behind this phenomenon is not complicated. It’s simple science, really. Tap water is often highly treated water. Tap water that comes from cities and local municipalities can contain a plethora of chemicals added to make the water “safer” for human consumption. (Pardon my sarcasm.) Sodium, chlorine, fluoride, and calcium are often added to city water to make the water softer, free from impurities, and supposedly healthier for people to consume.

While these added minerals might make your water softer, they are not gentle on your garden and your plants. They do not naturally occur in rainwater, and can be detrimental to the health of your plant over an extended period of time.

Chlorine and fluoride can actually burn your plants. Potted plants are even more susceptible to damage from long-term tap water use. Sodium and calcium can build up in the pots, leaving a visible ring of mineral deposits between the soil and the container.

Rain Water Is Best
Your plants were designed to be nourished by the rain falling from the sky. Pure, unadulterated rain contains the vital nutrients your plants love most and need for optimum health. Rain water is special – it contains nitrogen-bearing molecules that are essential to good and healthy plant growth.

Because natural rain water is so much better for plants, more and more gardeners are taking extra steps to feed their gardens as much rain water as possible. Rain barrels are a great way to accomplish this. My rain barrel holds 50 gallons of rain water. Using rain water from my barrel versus using tap water from the hose is not only better for my plants, it’s cheaper too! The more I utilize my rain barrels, the less money I spend on expensive summer water bills.

Giving your garden a regular feeding of an all-natural fertilizer like ProtoGrow is another wonderful way to make sure your plants are thriving, despite having to endure tap water from time to time when rain water is in short supply. ProtoGrow will enrich your plants with a mega-boost of essential micronutrients that will nourish and feed them for maximum growth and maximum harvests.

With draught conditions being a real threat each summer, I am never without my rain barrels and plenty of ProtoGrow on hand. With these two gardening tools, my plants not only survive, but thrive when rain fails to fall from the sky on a regular basis.

Want Your Plants To Grow Like Crazy?

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