Real Customer Story: Seed Saving Over Generations


There isn’t a day that goes by here in the ‘seed room’ at Heirloom Solutions where those of us who field phone calls aren’t blessed by a conversation.  Ellen blessed me with such a conversation just a few days ago.  I learned that she’s a gardening grandparent who’s greatly concerned about her grandchildren’s health and well-being.  She comes by that concern honestly for her own grandparents were gardeners as well. They instilled within her the importance of saving carrot seeds. She says, “It was a mystery to me why they had to plant that carrot in the ground in the spring just for seeds later on. Now she’s passing along the same good habits to her grandkids. It’s that age-old, well-worn truth that for the one who is diligent enough to save today, there’ll be more than enough tomorrow.

During our visit it became quite clear to me that Ellen was a woman of measurable character, experience, and dedication. When I commented that she must have a lot of wisdom stored up to pass down to those grandkids, she remarked, “I’m always learning and I’m always open to new ideas.” No more eloquent words of wisdom have ever been spoken.  There’s no doubt she’s done something right, for her daughter, the wife of a chemically-based farmer, is enthusiastic about natural growing techniques and the use of open-pollinated seeds.  As our time on the phone drew to a close, I could tell she felt comfortable enough to venture out a bit more concerning the faith from which she drew her strength and wisdom. She left me with these parting words: “We can either do things man’s way or God’s way. God made everything to have a seed. Seedless is unnatural and GMO is unnatural.”  I couldn’t have agreed more with Ellen that day. It always becomes clear, sooner or later, that my way leads to heartache and God’s way leads to fruitfulness.

Hoping we can all learn to practice the principle of generational blessing,


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