Red Marietta Marigold


This classic garden marigold is the perfect accent or border plant. Or, just scatter them around the garden for a splash of magnificent color all summer long! This variety will bless you with repeat blooms over and over again. The Red Marietta is a French variety of marigold noted for its gorgeous red and golden blossoms.

Prefers full sun and moderate moisture, but can tolerate light shade, especially in hot climates. Will grow 6-12 inches tall in most cases, sometimes as large as 18 inches in perfect growing conditions.

Exceptional companion plant for growing with tomatoes. The scent of marigolds is thought to keep animals many pests away from your garden. For this reason, I like to line my square foot garden with a few marigold plants tucked in the sides and corners. It really works for me!

You can direct sow your marigold seeds outdoors about 2 weeks before the last expected frost.

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