Red Wethersfield Onion

Onion Red Wethersfield

The Red Wethersfield Onion is a favorite heirloom vegetable, sure to be found in the garden of any true heirloom enthusiast. This beautiful red onion can be traced back to the 1700’s. It is a large, thick onion with a striking deep red skin. While it is a round onion, it also has a neat, slightly flattened shape at the top and bottom. It is a mild flavored onion and tastes delicious in salads and sandwiches.

Great For Limited Space Gardeners

Don’t have a lot of growing space? No problem. The Red Wethersfield onion can be easily grown in containers or pots. The ideal container for growing these onions is a large 16-24 inch diameter pot or bigger. Make sure the container drains well, and choose a good quality soil mix for best results.

Place your bulbs 2 inches deep and approximately 3-4 inches apart when planting in containers. Plant each bulb with the pointed tip up and the flatter end down. Mulch around and in-between plants after the shoots begin to rise and grow. Provide 1 inch of water each week, and remember that overly dry conditions can cause your bulbs to split.

Go easy on the fertilizer – if your soil is rich in organic matter, your onions will not need it. Too much nitrogen or fertilizer can actually stunt the inner growth of your onion bulbs.

Sets Vs Seeds

Onions are typically grown from seed or from sets. Seeds are less expensive, but sets are easier to grow and make a great choice for beginning gardeners. Additionally, sets will produce a stronger plant more quickly. Sets are also recommended for growing in containers.

A Special Offer

This week we’re offering our readers a half-pound set of open pollinated, heirloom Red Wethersfield onions for just $9.95 … and we’re even paying for the shipping. That’s right – you’ll also get free shipping! The Red Wethersfield onion is one heirloom you simply must try if you enjoy eating fresh onions.


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