Snow, Snow And More Snow


I really enjoy the snow. My kids enjoy it too. But just when we thought it might be over, it started again. This is the third day in a row that it has snowed. Enough already.

After planting a few things in our raised beds just over a week ago, we figured we were on the home stretch. In our neck of the woods, temperatures usually start to warm up toward the end of February and only improve as we move into March.

This year seems a little bit different. When you’re in the business of heirloom seeds, you depend on temperatures cooperating with you. The seed potatoes will be ready to be shipped to us soon, but if temperatures are below forty degrees, our supplier won’t bring them to us because of the risk of freezing. Not only that, but if temps don’t stay well above freezing after they get here, we can’t ship them to our customers for the very same reason.

We have plenty to do, but not being able to get a customer their German Butterball Potatoes at a time that’s convenient for them is inconvenient for us. We like to make our customers happy and we try to provide the best service possible in the heirloom seed industry, but sometimes (usually) God has other ideas for us. And God doesn’t have any stipulations that state that my potatoes should be planted before Good Friday. He’ll provide the necessary weather when it’s time. He’ll provide everything anyone needs when it’s time. His time.

I guess all we can do is enjoy the snow.

Happy Growing,

Nick Huizenga

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