Start Planning NOW For Garlic In The Fall


We love that one-of-a-kind taste that garlic brings to our food. Thankfully, you can grow garlic with ease in your home garden…but often quality garlic seed is hard to find!

If you would like to grow your own garlic this fall, you’d better start planning today. Yes, fall planting time is still a few months away, but the demand for quality garlic seed has never been higher. Garlic is a very popular choice among home gardeners and in recent years, our sales have hit record levels.

Other reputable seed companies are seeing the exact same trend and often can’t keep quality garlic seed in stock. Here at Heirloom Solutions, when we get a shipment in, it just flies right off the shelf! The demand has risen so significantly each year for the past few years that we’ve actually had to substitute some garlic seed in order to fill our many orders that come in during the month of September.

This year we want you to beat the rush!

I don’t want to panic you, but the truth is, you should seriously consider ordering your garlic seed right now while the selection is still good. If you order now, you will be reserving the very best garlic seed for your fall planting, and you’ll have a wider selection of varieties to choose from.

Simply pick out your garlic now, order it, and we’ll ship it out to you in September. It’s like buying advance tickets for your favorite concert or movie – that way you’ll have the best seats, rather than waiting until the last minute and risk being on the back row or missing out completely! Ordering your garlic now guarantees you won’t have to worry about your favorite variety being sold out or risk not being able to get garlic seed at all.

As of right now, we have even more wonderful varieties of garlic to offer you than ever before. Choose from German Extra Hardy, Music, Chesnok Red, Persian Star, and Chet’s Italian Red.

To learn more about the premium brands of garlic seed we carry and to pre-order yours today, CLICK HERE.

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