Super Sioux Tomato


Super Sioux heirloom tomatoes are bright red, beautiful, delicious and versatile! The medium-large fruits have smooth, yet durable vibrant red skin. If you like the flavor of an old-fashioned tomato, this is a great choice. It has a sweetness to it, yet a nice acidic “bite” all at the same time…

Super Sioux tomatoes are a great choice for almost anything you want to accomplish in the kitchen. Use them in your tomato sandwiches, as well as for fresh slicing. These beauties are great for canning, and they taste fantastic in homemade tomato sauce!

Super Sioux heirloom tomatoes are also reliable producers in hot summer climates. They tolerate the heat very well (better than most tomatoes, really) and can even thrive in extended dry spells. They rarely crack during hot and dry periods, and this is a great quality not to be missed. The Super Sioux rewards you with heavy yields that will keep coming until the first frost.

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