The Complete Line of Wild Boar Tomatoes


Tomatoes. They are the “apple of a gardener’s eye” so to speak. For many of us, tomatoes were the very first food we ever learned to grow ourselves. Ask any gardener about the tomatoes in his garden, and he’ll look at you with a gleam in his eye and tell you a story about that prize-winning tomato he grew last year … or about the rare kinds of tomatoes he grows that you just can’t find anywhere else!

At Heirloom Solutions, we know our readers and customers just love tomatoes. In fact, tomatoes are some of our very best sellers. We’re always in search for the most rare and exciting heirloom tomatoes…

That’s why we are excited to carry the new and exclusive Wild Boar line of heirloom tomatoes. This special collection offers some of the most exciting new heirloom tomato varieties to hit the market in years. These tomatoes are open pollinated like other heirlooms and are also organic.

The Wild Boar Collection was cultivated by none other than Mr. Brad Gates. For those of you who might not recognize his name, he is known by many in the heirloom industry as “the tomato guy.” Brad always had a special place in his heart for growing things. He spent one summer working at the farmer’s market and has been hooked on tomatoes ever since. His first year he grew over 500 tomato plants and the next year well over 1000 plants. He now owns Wild Boar Farms and makes a living selling his popular heirloom tomato varieties all over the world to gardening enthusiasts everywhere. His tomatoes are coveted for their unique looks, extreme flavors, and of course, their superior heirloom qualities.

The Wild Boar Collection of Tomatoes includes:

mint-julepMint Julep: You’ve never seen a tomato quite like this one! This beautiful tomato has a gorgeous green-yellow color splash pattern to match its odd pear shape. The taste? Sweet overall flavor that is less tart than most other green varieties. I’m growing some to add to my peach salsa this year…

Large Barred BoarLarge Barred Boar: These tomatoes are truly beautiful works of art – with pinkish-brown meaty flesh on the inside and gorgeous, metallic-like green stripes on the outside. Very meaty, extremely flavorful, and a good producer. This variety originated out of an F-2 cross between Black and Brown Boar.

Sweet-Carnernos-Pin_WebSweet Carneros Pink: A rosy pink tomato with a golden striped luster and a nice sweet tomato flavor. Very heavy sets of 2-4 oz. fruits. Great seller at market. Sweet and extremely juicy. A favorite with chefs everywhere because of the quality and flavor. Makes an excellent tomato sauce!

Pork ChopPork Chop: Who wouldn’t love this bright yellow tomato? While many “yellow” tomatoes are actually more of an orange color, this guy is the real deal! It’s got an amazing color you won’t believe until you grow it yourself. Medium sized beefsteak-like fruits have a hint of citrus flavor.

Priced individually these unique varieties would cost you $20 plus $5 shipping and handling. (If you could even find them – these rare varieties tend to sell out quickly!) For a limited time only, we’re celebrating adding this new and exciting line of tomatoes by slashing the price of the entire collection. Just $10 plus $5 shipping and handling!

You’ll be the envy of your gardening friends with this amazing collection of new heirloom tomatoes. Order your seeds today and grow a tomato that is truly unique and different from anything you’ve grown before!

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