The Slow Gardening Movement


Gardening is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. Many people from all walks of life and backgrounds are seeing the benefits of growing their own food and want to get in on the fun.

However, intense gardening isn’t for everyone. Not everyone wants to be a homesteader or grow a full-blown crisis garden. Sometimes, intensive gardening can feel more like a full-time job than a hobby. For most of us, we started small when we began to garden. We grew a few flowers or a tomato plant or two, just to get our feet wet. Within time, we were hooked, and those two tomato plants became twenty-two tomato plants!

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But for beginners and new gardeners, I encourage them to try what I like to call “slow gardening.” It’s the perfect way to introduce yourself to growing something without becoming totally overwhelmed. With slow gardening, you can just dabble a little in the gardening world to see if it is something you’d enjoy doing more regularly.

Here are a few ways you can “slow garden” or introduce someone to the concept:

-Grow a little pot of cherry tomatoes. They are easy to grow, and you’ll enjoy bountiful and frequent harvests with even the most minimal amount of care.

-Grow a small herb garden. Select just two or three herbs to grow and enjoy. Don’t overwhelm yourself with every herb on the market. Only pick the ones you’ll actually want to cook with and eat. Basil, thyme and oregano are excellent choices for beginners.

-Plant a small flower bed. Pick a spot you’ll look at through a window or walk by frequently so you’ll have more time to enjoy it. Or, plant a few containers of flowers and put them on your porch.

-Plant a windowbox of flowers to care for and enjoy.

-Don’t have time to grow anything? Visit your local farmers market. That’s slow gardening, too. Supporting your local growers is one of the best ways to enjoy a little piece of gardening without the work!

As more people garden just for fun, old-fashioned rules and traditions are quickly falling by the wayside. And, that’s what slow gardening is all about. It’s not as much about HOW you garden, but about getting out there and giving it a try. It’s about getting your hands in the dirt and reconnecting with the natural world. In the world of slow gardening, you have the opportunity to get out of doors and kick back a little.

Slow gardening allows you to try new things, make mistakes, and gives you permission to not feel guilty about making mistakes. Slow gardening is all about enjoyment while hopefully learning a little something along the way. Slow gardening is, for many people, about doing something to take care of God’s creation or to make their communities a better place to live.

Each time you give away some of your extra produce to a non-gardening friend or neighbor, you’re doing your part to share gardening with them in a tangible way. Who knows? They may just want to give it a try once they see how much better your fresh-from-the-garden produce tastes!

So why not get outside and grow something … anything … today? Give slow gardening a chance. Odds are, you’ll be hooked.

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