The Top 4 Advantages of a Home Garden

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Most people don’t appreciate the health, economic, and emotional benefits of a home garden.

They go about their lives running errands… rushing around from place to place… making multiple small trips to the grocery store every week… eating out for dinner frequently… and finally watching a TV show before collapsing into bed exhausted every night.

They’re so busy they never have time to consider the negative consequences of their modern “drive here, drive there” lifestyle.

Because you’re reading this email, I assume that you’re different. I assume you already grow a garden. Or, if you don’t, I assume you are interested in starting one.

After all, planting a garden, nurturing the plants, harvesting the fruits and vegetables, and then enjoying your homegrown produce at meal times is so satisfying! There’s nothing quite like it.

Here are a few of the biggest advantages of gardening — no matter if your garden is a simple 6-by-10 raised bed… or a large quarter-acre plot.

Benefit #1: Better Health
Gardening gets you outside and soaking up the sunshine, which is quite important to your health. Adequate sunshine helps your body produce vitamin D, which is a natural mood enhancer and helps prevents stomach bugs (like the flu).

Plus, gardening requires you to get up and move around. Want to lose some of that winter weight? Then start a garden! It’s the perfect activity to help you burn a few calories and feel better about yourself.

Last but not least, the fruits and vegetables you harvest will be fresh and nutritious, loaded with the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Eating more fruits and vegetables from your garden will naturally improve your diet… and… your health!

Benefit #2: Save Money
By growing your own food, you’ll get higher quality produce at a much lower cost. Where you may spend dollars per pound for store-bought organic food, you’ll pay pennies per pound by growing your own.

It’ll be fresher, tastier, and more nutritious too!

Some families find they are able to save more than a hundred dollars a month just by growing fresh food in their own backyard.

Benefit #3: Feel Better
Our lives are filled with enough hustle and bustle as it is. The more running around you have to do every day, the more stressed out you feel. And who needs more stress? Certainly not me!
That’s why I like gardening so much. It forces you to stay put and enjoy God’s creation. And there’s nothing quite like getting your hands dirty, soaking up some sunshine, and reaping the benefit of all your hard work.

A friend of mine has an office job, but has discovered he LOVES to spend his weekends working in his garden. He says it’s often hard to see his accomplishments in his job — because his work is mostly intellectual, and therefore “invisible.”

But with gardening, the fruits of his labor are very apparent — because they’re growing right there in his yard!

Benefit #4: Food Independence
If you’ve been reading this newsletter for any length of time at all, then you are well aware of the threats facing our food system. Food shortages at some point in the near future seem all but inevitable.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stay dependent on grocery stores and restaurants for the food you eat. You can grow your own!

Once you have an established garden, you won’t have to worry as much about potential food shortages because you’ll have your own independent “off-the-grid” source of food that won’t be affected by a spike in the price of oil or a blight that wipes out half the corn crop for the year.

With All These Benefits, Isn’t It Time You
Started Planning This Year’s Garden?

As you plan this year’s garden, I encourage you check out our seed selection at, one of the best sources you’ll find for high quality heirloom seeds.

“Heirloom seeds” are the only kind of seeds you should ever buy. This is because you can harvest some of the seeds produced by your first planting and save them for next year’s garden. In other words, buy heirloom seeds once and you might not ever have to buy them again!

So-called “terminator” seeds, on the other hand, are quite common. These genetically modified seeds last only one year, two if you’re lucky. Plant them once, but don’t expect the seeds you harvest to produce any fruit-bearing plants for next year’s garden. Terminator seeds are designed this way so you’ll be forced to buy seeds every year. This is why you should avoid terminator seeds at all costs.

Heirloom seeds are different. They are seeds the way God created them. Plant them this year and you’ll be able to collect plenty of seeds to plant the next year. Your seeds will sprout, grow plants, and produce fruit. Just keep some of the seeds from your harvest and repeat the cycle year after year after year.

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