What’s up with the funky shaped cucumber?

We are all used to the perfectly shaped cucumbers that line the produce shelves at the grocery store.  There’s never a funky, misshaped cucumber that makes it out to the public eye.  So we grow our own cucumbers at home, expecting to see perfectly shaped, non-blemished cucumbers.
But what happens?  We go to harvest our cucumbers and find a funky shaped one, or maybe two.  Do you know why this happens?  There are several reasons.
First and foremost, your deformed cucumber could be a result of poor pollination.  Like any other flowering plant, cucumbers require pollination in order to grow properly.  The best way for pollination to occur is for honey bees to do all the work!  If the honey bee population is low or non-existent in your area, specifically your garden, then your cucumbers will fail to grow properly.
If you consistently have this problem year after year, you may want to invest in a hive or two of bees!  Your cucumbers won’t be the only thing to flourish with bees around!
Another reason for a deformed cucumber is hot temperatures.  Hot temperatures can actually kill the pollen, resulting in a deformed cucumber.
Consequently, hot temperatures can cause moisture stress to the cucumbers which also can cause a funky shape.  Cucumbers need plenty of water to grow properly.
The good news is even though your cucumber may have a deformed end, it is still edible and will still taste good!
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