Why We Do What We Do


Just a few short years ago I often wondered what it would be like to manage a seed company. I had always loved plants and gardening…and I was knowledgeable and proficient. I assumed it would be easy for me. I assumed it would be simple. Take order. Pack order. Ship order. But I was wrong. It’s just not that simple.

whatwedo-insetJanuary through May are our busiest months, and of those months, February, March and April take the cake for the craziest times. In the “off-season” we usually have our labor stripped down to David and myself. December comes (finally) and the rush is on, as always, to get our catalog wrapped up and sent off to the printing shop. Christmas and New Year’s provide some much-needed relief in the way of solid family time and celebrating Christ’s birth, all while the tidal wave of catalogs are arriving in our customer’s mailboxes. If we time our mailing just right, we know that the orders will start rolling in just as soon as we come back to work in the first week of January.

Then we add people. People to label. People to pack seeds. People to answer phones. People to respond to emails. People to pack orders. People to work out in the high-tunnel. People to work the plant sale. It’s takes quite a bit of orchestration to get everyone to work together and to do things efficiently. It can be frustrating and sometimes overwhelming.

But at the end of the day when David and I fill my truck with mail bags brimming with orders, we suddenly understand why we do it… and why we’ll do it again tomorrow. We have a passion for our seeds and for getting them out to our customers. We have a passion to make our passions spread.

It’s a pleasure to serve you and to share our seeds with you.

Happy Growing,

Nick Huizenga

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